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Related article: Date: Thursday, November 15, 2007 October 52nd 19 -0700 From: ray6645 yahoo. com Subject: Brother Dominiates me - 9 The next day was beautiful and sunny, so Mike and I played in the back yard a Nn Lolita bit to make sure that parents do not return a something. Then Mike told me, naked and stay that way again the day. I wanted to see me get hard, so I just had a woman to complicate bits. Shortly after I got it good and hard, stretching, pinched the hell out of my right breast. It hurt so much I lost on the hard disk. He said that since they do not obey, and not always the tail hard, I was going to punish. told me to go to our room, and prepare to take a beating. I in the bedroom, and stood there not knowing what he wanted from me do to prepare for a beating. Mike entered the room and said, again, I would like once again defied his order, I was in serious trouble. He said he that Dick gets tough, and do not let be gentle when he told me. sat onbed, and then told me in her lap, and receive ready for my spanking. I was in my lap. I felt his ass chicken pressure against my cheek. began to beat, and did not spare any movement. My ass was sore after only two claps. He alternated cheeks to hit the the same place each time. My ass was burning really. He kept swatting I moved the target with only a little. Having tired of this, I said back and pull my ass cheeks apart for him. a I n the ass exposed to him, I started hitting right at the hole. This is a little wound, then went to sleep for me. I was crying just before the start , but refrained. He stopped and grabbed my nuts. "I 'm going to Nn Lolita press that, until you realize that you promise to obey and keep prick you, and all the things you said, , no doubt. " And and began to squeeze my balls. It s started a little off, but when he continued, his control over my nuts greater o more than he could bear, and told him all I can do - asked, no doubt. He held the handle though. I wanted more. My balls were in such pain that my brain does not work well, but like I said, so the only thing she wanted from me, I would do so without delay, ot waste time. He laughed a little and said that if every time I do not know what I wanted, I was going to tie, and put a vise grips on my nuts. In this time Chris came to our house and went in, were always wearing shorts two sizes too small, and it was all. Mike greeted him and told him he had a single session, and it would be more obedient to them. Mike wanted to tell Chris that that my nuts slightly depressed, and getting you agree to do anything it. I would have done anyway, without the pain of nuts , but Mike wanted to make sure we understand others. Chris laughed and said thatHe would have liked to have seen. that s has been a bit sadistic, and liked to see me suffer, or suffer in some way. Mike told him, Chris was welcome to tighten the screws on me if I wanted to. for Chris was that he did, came out and grabbed my balls and began to pinches. At first, much as it did not hurt Mike, , but then began to increase pressure and the pain started. n who did, he came and pinched my right eye and left me mourn a little. Then he put more pressure on my nuts and told me to keep quiet if convicted. He let my nuts, and leaned hurts so much. Both boys laughed at the older brother of in pain. Chris then told us that his patrol was a Boy Scout meeting at 13:00 n this afternoon, and hope that some " business" of the meeting s. He taught himself the fact that it is a service that can always in cash. We were told that their patrol leader, one would be safe. it is fourteen years, andIt has a tail to die. Who likes to have sex. in the the camp, the patrol made ​​all sorts, and then a straw Some of the boys did not know what was happening, had a class on how to jack of each of us had to show others how we did. Of course most of us cum shot, but it was fun. He makes us all sleep naked if we are in a camp, and revised to ensure that naked before bed. Then get up every morning and go out to piss together. If we have a stiffy, then we have pee, and he makes all standing naked, urinating all. " Listen, I have an idea," says Chris. Normally I hate when he comes "a idea. " He told us that remember when I was in sixth grade, and some eighth graders grabbed him and gave him a " Whirly. " How about contact n give us a Whirly Ray? It will be fun. That might even enjoy it. Type I to resist, resist, and then go to the bathroom. Chris hit me in nuts, Doubling me with pain. "Behold, he is enthusiastic about the idea of ​​ is already leaning. " I went to the bathroom. You kneel and put my head in the toilet, then for a few seconds, the red thing Chris. The water swirled around the head of my s, is not a good feeling at all. Then I got the idea that I could do, me clarify. I'd lay my head on the toilet, and my ​​legs open and well. She grabbed my cock and pulled it as hard as possible. By letting go, had to come and wash the n diluted. They did laugh a few times more difficult, , like the noise it made my dick pounding on my belly, then the water is that revolves around my head. The following was the brainchild of Chris that we are losing water. There account of the services, and were not in use is determined by its use. I'd sit down and undid his pants and urinated in the water. He told me to do the same. I really had to pee, but anyw toay. Mike then urinated in the cup. I had to keep my head back in the urine -filled water and wait until my cock too before going to can make out Nn Lolita of my hair and my head. Finally, I felt my tail back and grabbed. Then he let go, and I could understand to handle, and rinse the urine -filled water down and clean water in the head. I wanted to get up, but they told me to just get in the shower, and I wash it. So I got into the shower, and knelt there. Chris pulled his shorts, and locked myself in the shower. He said, got up and put his arms behind my head. He began to wash my hair, and tidy. At that time, Mike was presented with the brush you use to clean the car. That is very stiff. that handed it to Chris, and my body was hard work bristles thing. I hurt all over, but I have my box, s really bitten. Again, it was a puppy, and again hit me in the testicles. Bending on me. He told me while I was determined to stay, that s way, and back. He used the stiff in my ass. Child has that hurt. It is said to wash really do not want your patrol to me with a dirty ass hole. He finished the laundry, , and then told me to go out and dry. Once it dried, he took his brush and blotted out my nuts. not too not too easy, and I was almost double that again and again. Microphone came and told me that if we have some customers, I'd smell good for them, so that became Colonia of his father, and put some on my neck. Then he poured a lot of n in the hand and reached down and rubbed ' raw eggs in my flat. Child has a burn. It hurts like hell. I said back, and then put some on my ass, that is still burning. They burn slowly stop, but it took at least ten minutes, I felt like an hour. Chris said he had to go home, eat, and prepare for the child meetin scoutg, but it was just after 15:00, with an n clients. So it should be ready to suck, and stuff like that then. Might be an idea good, a little Vaseline on the ass that put Mike said, only to have prepared if one of the guys want to fuck. Chris left. Mike told me he had to be a shit, so I did that for n him. We had lunch, and waited in the courtyard to reach the customer. 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